NJCHE Annual Conference at Princeton University

Friday, December 2, 2022


The New Jersey Council for History Education is excited to announce that after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we will once again hold our annual conference on December 2, 2022 in person at Princeton University. Click here to download the conference registration form.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Allen C. Guelzo, noted Civil War and Lincoln Scholar, Princeton University – Presenting on the leadership of President Lincoln
    Allen C. Guelzo is an American historian who serves as the Senior Research Scholar in the Council for the Humanities and Director in the James Madison Program at Princeton University.  He formerly was a professor of History at Gettysburg College. He is the author of numerous books on American intellectual history, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War era.  He has focused his analytical efforts on the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, publishing books covering the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the origins of the Emancipation Proclamation, and Lincoln’s presidential leadership.  His publication awards include the Lincoln Prize as well as the Abraham Lincoln Institute Prize. 
  • Dr. Lindsay M. Chervinsky, presidential historian and frequent TV and print commentator – “Creating the Presidency: Washington’s Revolutionary Leadership”
    Lindsay M. Chervinsky is a historian of the presidency, political culture and government.  She is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Presidential Studies at Southern Methodist University and teaches about the presidency at the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University.  Previously she worked as a historian at the White House Historical Association.  She is the author of The Cabinet: George Washington and the Creation of an American Institution.  She is also a columnist at Governing and Washington Monthly, and is a regular contributor to media outlets and podcasts.  Her next book, An Honest Man: The Inimitable Presidency of John Adams will be published in the fall 2024.
  • Dr. Linda Colley, global history scholar, Princeton University – “Writing Constitutions Since 1750 and Crises”
    Linda Colley, the Shelby M.C. Davis 1958 Professor of History at Princeton University, is an expert on British, imperial and global history since 1700.   She is an author of numerous books and essays, including Britons: Forging the Nation 1707 -1837 (1992) which won the Wolfson Prize for history and is in its fifth edition.  Her latest work is The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen: Warfare, Constitutions and the Making of the Modern World (2021).  She has taught at Yale University and the London School of Economics before arriving at Princeton in 2003.  In 2022, Professor Colley was awarded the Order of the British Empire: DBE (Dame of the Order of the British Empire) as part of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee. 

Please click on the name of each historian above for their websites, which include biographies, publications, and curriculum vita. 

Details of each presentation will be posted shortly. 

Click here to download the conference registration form